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We are the fastest growing corporate venture builder in Europe & MENA. In 5 core offices, we help large companies find and bring in new revenue by creating new services and products.

We increase the value of our partners' existing assets by developing new business models and building new ventures. We have done this in banking, insurance, retail and other industries – with 100% in-house resources. We provide the whole job: from the initial idea to design to scale.



In the world of banking, fintech and embedded finance are the words on everyone's lips. With over 35,000 fintech companies around the world but only about 30% of bank clients using at least one non-banking financial service, there is a whole world of opportunities for various types of large companies to build cutting-edge, customer-centric ventures.

Our know-how spans just the right categories of the industry, from the strive for simplicity and convenience of digital banking to the latest trends such as the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even overlap with other areas like blockchain or telco. Let us identify the right proposition for your customers to expand the power of your assets, create ventures that further push the boundaries of your industry, and turn you into a love brand.


Insurance is boring, you might hear people say. But the ones who are paying attention understand that some of the most interesting work in technology is taking place in insurance these days. Recently, trends and technologies such as digital client interaction, embedded distribution, telematics & IOT, touchless claims management, API insurance, AI, and blockchain have been transforming the basics of centuries-old insurance business models.

Insurance companies have become some of the largest funders of technology-driven corporate ventures and startups, recognizing that teaming up with technology firms can be a game-changer. They value modernizing systems, improving policyholder experience, and developing new products, platforms, and services that have a positive impact on people's lives. And that’s exactly what we do at Creative Dock. Let’s explore our options together.

Retail & FMCG

With the fusion of digital and physical experiences already being at the core of Retail & FMCG and expected only to accelerate, significant investments into meeting the e-commerce needs of the present as well as those of the future are every retailer’s best bet right now.

Organizations can benefit from applying new technologies on multiple levels, including the implementation of state-of-the-art software solutions to a variety of issues: from improved logistics and optimized processes to driving sales and keeping the “fast” in FMCG. At Creative Dock, we observe current trends and employ technologies such as marketplaces, e-commerce systems, omnichannel approach, direct-to-consumer distribution, supply chain optimization, and loyalty and engagement apps to help retailers move forward. Let us find the perfect solution for your company.

Construction & Manufacturing

Lack of skilled workers and growing pressure for sustainability are among the biggest challenges of both the construction and manufacturing industries today. Implementation of the Industry 4.0 principles is just not enough; companies need to embrace circularity, digitally disrupt current processes, and explore ways to collaborate remotely.

This is all happening in the background of a fast-changing B2C sector, where the transformation of products into services is essential to retain an understanding of the end-customer needs. And this is also where our expertise comes in, combining our knowledge of automation, digital services, and customer-first approach. Let us help you find and implement the perfect solutions to drive your business into a sustainable future.

Research & Development

What are the future scenarios we believe in? And can “the next big thing” be found in such scenarios? How can we address topics such as sustainability, digital identity, or data analysis across industries? What are the practical opportunities arising from the different levels of maturity of industries’ value chains?

Our expertise within R&D focuses on specific topic fields which resonate with both the needs of the future (top-bottom approach) and the practical needs of every day (bottom-up approach). With an understanding of Big Data, digital identity, sustainability, new approaches to energy creation and consumption, loyalty, and a range of other topics, we are able to connect the dots, leverage our know-how, and create new value for clients across industries. Let us show you how.

selected case studies

Solytic for Vattenfall

Ideation, Design testing, MVP, Scaling

Fairo for Raiffeisenbank

Ideation, UX & UI, Design testing, MVP, Scaling

selected insights

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My Albert for Ahold Delhaize

product design & testing, UX & UI, development

Rekab for SAPTCO

Ideation, Design testing, MVP, Scaling

Domy sobe for Veolia

Ideation, Design testing, MVP, Scaling

Avast One for Avast

UX & UI, ilLustrations, design system


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“Big companies usually have big assets they don't use. We create new products by building, expanding and operating on these assets – with the aim of making the companies even more valuable than before.”

martin pejsa
Founder and Executive Chairman
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“If creativity is about inventing new things, then innovation is about making them real,” said the American economist, Theodore Levitt.

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Ron van Oijen studied actuarial science at the University of Amsterdam and worked in the insurance and finance industries across the US, Europe, and Asia.

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“Only time will tell. We will see. Let’s hope.” Those are the words running through many a managers' head when deciding what innovations their company will invest in.

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Since the pandemic, we have observed a steady recovery and steep rise in corporate venture building, especially innovative ideas that are constantly responding to changes.

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Organic growth is great. But it’s time-consuming. And if you want to expand, you can’t invest years just to establish your business in each new market.

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Looking to add value to your existing assets? Our job is to build ventures that get you there.

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