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Co-create the venture-building industry with us. Join the largest independent corporate venture builder in Europe and MENA.

We are a diverse, international team of 500+ result-driven specialists with a track record of 120+ successful ventures. Join one of our five offices or work remotely. Be part of something impactful and help us reach our goal: to create products and services enjoyed by 1 billion people worldwide.

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Our Spirit

Grit to Impact

Employing grit, passion and perseverance to create real-world impact. Staying set on meaningful work and leaving a mark. This is the mindset we appreciate the most – in all of our ventures and in each individual we are lucky enough to have on our team.

Why work with us?

A dog in an office

Flexible working hours
& home office option

 A woman on a vacation

Four weeks of vacation
or paid leave


Possible relocation to offices around the world

Lines of code

Extensive state-of-the-
art tech stack

A woman holding a dog in an office

Vibrant working environment

A dog in an office
Prague's office

Facilities and know-how of the largest venture builder in the world

People workingPrague's Creative Dock office
People working together

Multinational team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets


Hands-on approach and the chance to directly impact outcomes

A picture of Joda

personal development – internal education, mentoring program

A girl practicing yoga

Support of healthy and active lifestyle

what our colleagues say

Natalie Ilinska, Executive Assistant at Creative Dock

Natalie Ilinska, assistant to the cEo

It's a wild ride

I used to think my old job was diverse, but it pales in comparison to what's going on now. I'm lucky to have a variety of responsibilities and the opportunity to learn new things every day. I don't even know how, but I manage to keep up with everything!

Linda Armbruster, Director of Innovation

I love the equality

Although Creative Dock is one of the largest independent venture builders in Europe, there is still a culture of low hierarchy. We simply discuss face to face and learn from each other.

Linda Armbruster, Director of Innovations at Creative Dock
Lilian Hoerler, Lead Consultant

Lilian Hoerler, Collaborative Innovation Manager

Everything is possible

I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming and open culture in the office and the team’s ambition to go the extra mile.

Adam Hanka, Director of the Big Data

The diversity makes it special

Every person who works here has a unique skill set beyond their work expertise. That's why I look forward to going to work every day, to meet all my interesting colleagues.

Adam Hanka, Chief of Big Data
Serge Dupaux, Senior Venture Supervisor and Head of Strategy Growth

Serge Dupaux, Foresight & Strategy Head of Growth

I'm proud to be a part of this adventure

Working at Creative Dock is special in the sense that we have had some successes and failures, but we have always been able to learn from this wild adventure, improve, move on and stay positive.

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