Ventures built on grit. Backed by methodology. Executed by entrepreneurs.


In 12 years, we have grown from a disruptive startup into the largest independent player in the corporate venture building category with a track record of 120+ ventures.

Everything we do has one single purpose – to create valuable ventures for our clients. We provide large companies with end-to-end venture building, from idea to execution and scaling. Our territories are constantly growing and so is Creative Dock itself.


creative dock group in time

First Creative Dock office established


We set up our first office in Badeniho near the Prague Castle. Small beginnings for great things.

First client gained


We build the first venture for Raiffeisen Bank International.

Second big client landed


Home Credit, the world's largest consumer credit company, follows behind RBI as our second big client.

New teams formed


Big Data, IT, and Advertising agency teams created to take on more challenging and unique projects.

Risk management capabilities enhanced


Online scoring models and fraud check systems were established for screening, verification, and channel selection for the best methods of scoring.

Logo of Mall Pay

First ventures scaled


Mallpay reaches over 100,000 paying customers, while Zonky rapidly expands.

Logo of E.ON

Launch of E.ON Solar


We gain the first client outside of financial services, E.ON, an energy company that encourages the use of green electricity.

Man and a woman holding a child

First insurance client gained


Building lead generation for AXA, an insurance company with a competitive edge.

Logo of Home Credit

First project outside Europe


Our client HomeCredit seeks out the Chinese market and offers microloans in China.

Whiteboards in the office

First venture portfolio built


The idea of a "Venture Factory" business model is conceived, whereby several ventures are dedicated to one client.

Munich, Germany

Expanding to first new country


Creative Dock expands its territory to Germany with a branch office in Munich.

Creative Dock old office

Creative Dock moves to a new office


Moving from the original office flat to an actual office space near the city centre. Another memorable milestone reached in the company's growth.

Computer screen

Content team is formed


For better content strategy and enhanced marketing performance. Studio by Creative Dock eventually sprouts from this team.

First big mass media campaign


The successful campaign for the Zonky venture generates thousands of leads.

Zebra, Zonky's mascot

The first big exit


Zonky, the peer-to-peer loan financing platform, is fully handed over to our client, Home Credit, after reaching a 6% marketshare of all consumer loans.

A running woman

Best e-health content


Awarded for the best e-health content created for AXA Insurance.

 A surprised guy staring at money in front of him

Mutumutu founded


The award-winning insurance built for Société Générale disrupts the industry through customer-centric approach and rewards for active lifestyle.

Launch of Refinanso


An online mortgage refinancing platform which streamlines processes is set in motion for our client, MONETA Money Bank.

Lines of code

New RaaS platforms


We start providing all-in-one risk management services to our clients by building RaaS platforms.

Picture of Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland branch office founded


Creative Dock opens a branch office in Zurich, Switzerland.

Logo of Nafirmy.cz

Helping SMEs and entrepreneurs


COVID sparked the creation of Firmy sobe, a knowledge sharing platform for small to medium sized business owners.

New peer-to-business lending platform


Responding to over 9000 enterprises' discussions within Firmy sobe, CD launches Nafirmy, a platform providing solutions to all their funding problems.

EXPO 58, Creative Dock building

Big move to Expo 58


With the company's increasing size, the Prague office is moved to Expo 58, an iconic building from the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels.


Entering the MENA region


Our first Middle-Eastern office is founded in Riyadh, KSA, to support our business in the region.

Logo of Spark Works

Creative Dock acquires SparkWorks


Switzerland’s leading innovation company joins CD to drive innovation across Europe.

Logo of Rohrbeck Heger

Rohrbeck Heger joins Creative Dock


The German company enriches our service portfolio with strong, data-driven strategic foresight.

Logo of Founders Lane

Creative Dock acquires FoundersLane


The Berlin-based venture builder strenghtens our knowledge of and influence in the MENA and DACH regions.

Logo of Ideasense

IdeaSense is the fourth company to join


The Czech company expands our industry expertise and brings in the unique predictive tool, Ideapoly®.

Logo of Creative Dock Group

Creative Dock Group


Four newly acquired brands (Founders Lane, Idea Sense, SparkWorks, and Rohrbeck Heger) have started operating under the Creative Dock brand

Picture of AI transformation

Creative Dock AI transformation


We began intensively implementing AI into internal processes and strategies as early as spring.

Logo of EcoVadis survey

Silver medal in ESG audit


Creative Dock BER received the second-highest rating in the EcoVadis survey. It ranked in the top 15% of companies.

Picture of satisfied customer

Customer satisfaction 8.5


The NPS value in our regular customer satisfaction surveys reached a high score of 8.5 (out of 10).

Picture of running woman

Venture building for adidas


Commencement of collaboration with the German fashion and sports giant adidas to create a venture business.

Picture of team of people

Nafirmy.cz exit


A venture focused on loans for small and medium-sized businesses has been successfully sold to the crowdfunded startup ROIER.

Picture of decarbonisation report

Decarbonization Foresight report


Rohrbeck Heger has prepared another significant analysis, providing insights into the success of decarbonisation efforts, possibly until 2030.

our Methodology

our Methodology

From idea to scale

We employ our unique venture building approach to identify and explore opportunity areas, design ventures, bring them to market, and further scale and operate them.

Our proprietary methodology has been developed during years of gaining experience in venture building. Thanks to strategic foresight tools, we are in touch with both early-stage and long-term trends, and have an open-minded approach within the Explore and Venture design phases. This allows us to build truly transformational ventures disrupting the market and scale them to create new revenue for our clients.


Venture design

Bring to market

Rollout, scaling & operation

Our people

Creative precision.

Precise creativity.

Creative Dock is made up of 500+ colleagues with diverse international backgrounds and a common passion: building ventures with real-world impact. Meet some of our key personalities.

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