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The energy industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Switching to renewable energy sources seems to be the ideal solution. However, valuable solar energy is often lost due to inefficiencies and inadequate fault monitoring. Therefore, we have developed software to monitor and evaluate plant data and inform operators about weaknesses, potentials, and possible solutions.


Solytic is a cleantech software company, founded in 2017 in Berlin with the vision of making the use of solar energy easier for everyone, contributing to a sustainable energy transition.

Solytic’s core product is a manufacturer and hardware-independent monitoring software solution for distributed PV systems. The technology-independent cloud solution has also been sold as a white label to major customers for several years.

Our main contribution

Our software optimizes the performance of hundreds of thousands of solar panels using artificial intelligence and data analytics, combining untapped potential with the best offers from service providers. Its main product is a software solution for monitoring distributed PV systems independently of the manufacturer and hardware. Linking this service to the product improves panel performance, maximizes profit, and extends lifetime.

In-depth market and industry analysis

Business design & testing

Mobile app

Sustainable approach

About the project

Currently, there are around 2.6 million photovoltaic plants in Germany alone. However, with rising electricity prices and increasing environmental awareness, it can be assumed that the expansion of solar energy will continue to grow significantly.

This demand, however, is met with a very fragmented supply from a range of different service providers and manufacturers. Most solar buyers are primarily interested in the yields and the degree of self-sufficiency. They want to minimize expenses and maximize returns. This is where Solytic comes in, continuously evaluating plant data and informing operators of weaknesses and potentials with specific solution suggestions.


Recently, solar energy has been lost due to inefficiency and lack of fault monitoring. Our challenge is to fully exploit the potential of renewable solar energy and enable the smoothest possible transition to solar photovoltaics.


Our hardware-agnostic software connects to any OEMs with third-party gateways. Before Solytic, one couldn't receive an unbiased and transparent view of all assets. If the entire portfolio is not centralized in a single portal, it is impossible to identify relevant issues early enough. Today, we use more than 200 data points from and around installations to make users understand their assets' performance better.


Automating photovoltaics is key for a faster and more profitable energy transition. Solytic maximizes the overall performance of PV plants, combining unused potential with the best offerings from service providers.

Analyses all-round performances of photovoltaics throughout their entire life cycles

Unveils hidden potentials

Helps customers to bring their investment back on track

App launch results


connected solar PV systems

60 countries

in which Solytic operates


b2b customers

Solytic optimizes the performance of hundreds of thousands of solar panels using artificial intelligence and data analysis. It's no wonder that within two years it has become the leading company providing data management services for photovoltaic power plants.

Positive Impact

394g CO2

saved by every 1 kWh produced by solar energy

1.4 tons CO2

saved in a year

The transition to renewable energy still has a long way to go. At Solytic, we envision the future of solar energy to be fully digital, so that everyone can play an active role in the fight against climate change by improving the performance of their photovoltaics installations.

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