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Unique security for all online threats scaled around the world

“The digital world has reached a crossroads. Over 4.8 billion people are online today and ensuring that they have the ability to access a safe and secure internet is increasingly becoming a fundamental digital right,” said Ondrej Vlcek, Avast CEO at the launch of the new security platform – Avast One. Avast had the solution. Creative Dock was tasked with bringing this unique comprehensive product to life and to users around the world.


Antivirus software has become a commodity. In order to continue to grow and deliver real value to customers, Avast is committed to going beyond simple virus protection. Creative Dock joined the Avast Innovation team to turn this idea into a real, shippable product at speed.

Creative Dock was invited into Avast's internal innovation group to lead product development, customer experience, and marketing teams. In cooperation, we played a key role in guiding the business through the pilot testing and global launch of a new product that would break free from old business dynamics. Building from an initial pilot in Australia with 50,000 users, we cycled through iterations over the next 12 months expanding to 12 countries and over 1 million users.

Our main contribution

The collaboration between Creative Dock's seasoned venture builders and the domain expertise and engineering resources of Avast enabled the Avast One Innovation team to accelerate customer-centric learning, design iterations, go-to-market communication, and ultimately the global launch. In addition, Creative Dock's data analysts supported Avast in designing and optimizing a migration model to bring the right legacy customers over to the new product.

Dynamic project management

In-depth market and industry analysis

Ideation and proposition design

Proposition testing & feasibility

Big data analysis

MVP roll-out and scaling

About the project

According to the Avast Digital Citizenship Report, 40% of people worldwide use the internet to keep in touch with loved ones. 34% say they have coped better with the pandemic thanks to this.

Especially after 2020, the internet has become an extremely important social networking medium, a work tool for hundreds of millions of remote workers. It is a channel for sharing and gaining experience as well as a major source of entertainment and inspiration. At the same time, internet security issues have expanded incredibly since the introduction of the antivirus. Today, there is a need to cover areas such as data protection, communications security, financial transactions, cyberbullying, or attacks on intellectual property now. Avast One addresses all of these.


83% of people say data protection is important to them. 43% do not believe that laws protect them sufficiently.

If users are worried about the loss of privacy and sensitive information leaks when using the internet, then this defeats the internet's purpose. Given the extent to which we use the online environment in our daily lives, this threatens not only data security but basic human rights to freedom. For these reasons, Avast decided to widen the scope of its award-winning antivirus. To accomplish this, Creative Dock was invited to cooperate and ensure the successful development and launch of a comprehensive tool that addresses a multitude of old and new online threats.


The goal was to transform a fragmented product portfolio into a single platform

Next steps: design a world-class customer experience, launch MVP and scale it around the world

Consumer cybersecurity is an essential service in the modern world. However, competitive pressures have resulted in a business model built on freemium and heavily discounted customer acquisition pricing. This has devalued the product in customers' eyes and made it hard for them to understand what they are actually paying for. In turn, it forces businesses to grow via constant cross-selling of new products into their existing base, further confusing and annoying customers, and leading companies to regularly churn new acquisition offers. Our challenge was to help build and market the new product with long-term customer satisfaction and optimized lifetime value as the main focus.


The 18-month project timeline was divided into 3 phases

Australian pilot – Global launch – Further scaling

For this endeavour, Avast and Creative Dock joined forces to work on the MVP. We helped create a single, all-in-one product built with customer satisfaction as our primary purpose.

Phase 1: Thanks to our extensive experience in dynamic project management of global projects, we re-energized the Avast core team of more than 80 engineers, designers, analysts, and marketers. In addition, the Creative Dock Data team played a key role in designing and executing experiments and plans for customer migration to the new platform.

Phase 2: With a team “firing on all cylinders” from the quick iterations of the MVP phase, we took on the challenge of scaling for global launch – even taking on the additional challenge of rebranding at the same time. Avast One was a centerpiece of this rebrand with its all-in-one solution supporting digital freedom.

Phase 3: The 3rd phase was the most complex as it required preparing the project for a seamless turnkey handover back to Avast. It consisted of:

Setting up and on a roadmap for continuous innovation

Introducing the new feature: online safety score

Managing the delivery of improved customer experience and engagement

App launch results

Avast One

is the new world benchmark of online security solutions

Over 1 million

global customers within one year

We are proud to have helped bring a new standard of internet security to the world:

Block viruses and malware and keep intruders out

Allows users to browse, shop, and bank securely

Improve privacy across the internet both on desktop and mobile devices

Secure Wi-Fi connections with VPN

Identify compromised passwords and speed up devices

Positive Impact


global customers within one year

8 out of 10

most dangerous types of cyber attacks can be eliminated by the free version of Avast One

In less than a year, one million users have installed Avast One. We deliberately launched it first in the four countries whose citizens are most at risk from cyber attacks – the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Whether it's online payment fraud, identity theft, or credit card fraud, the defense against most cyber attacks is simple. In fact, several free basic features of Avast One can safely eliminate most of them.

"We are committed to fighting for digital freedom and protecting the privacy of all digital citizens," says Ondřej Vlček, CEO of Avast. That's also why Avast's new platform, like its previous antivirus, is free for private customers. In short – affordable defense against a wide range of cyber attacks already exists. It's called Avast One.

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