Corporations outsource their innovation to us because they see the need to take innovation out of their core operations. The startups we create are designed to reinvent their business. 

"Put me out of business in 5 to 10 years" is our favourite brief.

We have designed life insurance for people who exercise, eat healthy food and get regular medical check. We reward them with a quarterly cashback, to support their motivation. Active lifestyle and positive motivation essentially leads to healthier life and lower claim ratio.


Virtuální baterie's aim is to upgrade solar panels installation by allowing customers to utilize fully potential production of their solar panels through sophisticated virtual storage service. An elegant way to consume 100% of what you produce without a high investment barrier.



Our primary vision is to help elderly lead a better life for themselves–one they feel compelled to live. We do this by allowing them to release equity from their paid-off houses. They get paid out on a monthly basis which makes it an ideal income supplement to their pension. This way, seniors get to keep ownership of their houses and at the same time enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle of their own design.

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The VETRI platform will consist of a mobile wallet for users to manage their digital identity and personal data as well as a marketplace for data consumers to buy and access that data. Users and data consumers will be able to add data, request data from third parties, get their data verified, manage their privacy settings, buy services and finally share and monetize their data in a fully user-controlled fashion.

MallPay addresses the number 1 customer concern of online shopping — ‘’what if I don’t like it’’. It is a deferred payment method, which allows customers to try out a product for 14 days before buying. 4 of the top 10 e‑shops in the Czech Republic use Lymet and it has been launched in China too.

HoppyGo is a P2P car sharing platform which proposes to its audience to borrow cars from their neighbours for any occasion. On the other hand car owners can decrease their car ownership costs by lending car to their peers who are scored by an innovative driver scoring system. All cars are insured against theft, misuse or damage. The result is number #1 P2P car sharing platform in the Czech Republic that is expanding into CEE under our client.


IVF clinic is an online information source, which is aimed at helping couples fulfill their dream of having a baby by assessing their chances of conceiving and connecting them with clinics that can help.

Unlike other comparison sites on the market, our project, Kalkulá, aims to become the single and ultimate tool to simplify the management of users’ energy bills, insurance contracts, and financial products. The mobile friendly web application with a focus on client zone provides information clearly and all in one place, recommends actions, new quotes, and simplifies the management of household bills. Our favorite feature is the WatchWolf, which monitors contract renewal dates, MOTs (STK), and sends useful reminders.


Zonky is the biggest peer‑to‑peer lending platform in the Czech Republic. It is reshaping the banking and non‑banking sector with its human approach towards personal loans. We innovated every step of taking out a loan from a customer experience Perspective — from making a request to paying it back. The result is a P2P lending platform that has the highest Net Promoter Score on the Czech market. Since April 2017 Zonky stands on its own two legs, independent of CreativeDock.


Pointa is our pet project which provides a co-working platform for authors and skilled editors/illustrators/graphic designers. Platform also integrates readers who can contribute to the plot as well as support the book financially through pre-ordering.


SingleCase is a cloud based online service which organizes lawyers’ cases and administration. The platform allows lawyers to upload and edit legal documents related to cases, time tracking, billing and reporting. SingleCase is number 1 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is expanding further to Poland and Germany.

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Sečteno solves problems of slow accounting processes in SMEs. It is an online accounting service, which registers all billables within 24 hours, advises on company finances, and provides well‑structured and real time cash flow reporting.


Teeth aligning technology product bringing the top technologies from doctors directly to customers launched in 2 European markets. We are taking care of the business model, go to market,
marketing strategy and scaling.