We had a conversation with Marek Krejza, Creative Dock’s new Group CTO, about trends in IT, what the COVID-19 situation means for his field of expertise… and breakfasts.

Words by Martina Sulková & Marie Barvínková

These days, IT and software developer positions have evolved into some of the most needed––and complex––careers in many companies. You simply can’t build a product, launch it, or even bring it to the right customers without the help of a skilled tech team. After all, thanks to tech, you can leverage elements such as AI to increase efficiency or cybersecurity to get rid of common IT security vulnerabilities. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even teams which are seemingly unrelated to tech––such as HR––can benefit greatly from it, as the latter team can for instance use technology to enable faster identification of promising candidates. Tech is truly the future, and it’s all around us.

What’s more, due to the dreaded C-word, COVID-19, automation and digitalization is now something that many businesses focus on more than ever before. To put it simply, many business models, such as e-commerce or even banking, need to be automated. And this need will only keep on growing. Once again, this is an area that IT can help with, as the latter is becoming a key partner of businesses all over the world.

Looking ahead, all across Europe

So how does all of this translate to the IT team’s focus at Creative Dock? Marek told us that in many ways, we’re ahead of the curve. The team is already an organic part of many exciting projects in the fields of fintech, insurtech, e-health, retail, energy, and much more.

Does the team have any specific business goals? “There are many,” Marek answers. “The key one is of course the ability to help the company thrive. To create better communication amongst projects, focus on knowledge exchange––in the company but also externally––and mainly to bridge the divide between IT and business. There’s also some business fields where we could definitely improve and grow, such as manufacturing.” And there are a number of ways he plans to go about this.

“We plan to work on interesting and creative projects all across Europe, and see them through to completion, starting with the MVP and all the way to the final product that should be both beloved by customers and profitable.” He does believe they will have to face a few challenges along the way––such as the turnover rate or not losing Creative Dock’s startup mindset––but he’s ready to face them head-on. “Think big, start small,” Marek tells us.

From a local perspective to a global mindset

Marek Krejza has a rich professional background, having led large teams and projects across companies like Foxconn and Arbes Technologies. At Arbes Technologies, a B2B supplier of information systems for banking, he led a team of about 60 developers. Later, at Foxconn’s Development and Research Center, he worked on designing software solutions and products along the lines of automatization, telecommunication, smart cities, data management, and more. In the ambitious center, Marek managed a team of about 75 people, which was no small feat. The center wanted to in part help the Czech Republic become a new “hi-tech center of the EU”. The setup and infrastructure were there, and even though Foxconn is no longer operational, Marek still considers the initiative important and impressive. He also believes Creative Dock could be just as ambitious when it comes to its own IT team. “It’s already kind of happening,” he adds. “After all, we’ve got offices in many major European cities.”

“I’m definitely not into micromanagement,” Marek emphasizes a few times during our talk. What he does believe in, however, is building teams in an agile way. Team buildings. And… team breakfasts. Yes, you read that right. Marek intends to create a team that, despite their various projects, feels unified and at home. A team with a flat hierarchy––which is echoed by his “breakfast approach”. Marek basically believes in people coming together in a relaxed atmosphere, which allows them to discuss and build projects and tasks over some good food. He already initiated the “Breakfast Club” idea at Foxconn and plans to bring it to Creative Dock as well––once the situation allows it, of course.

Interested in joining us on our innovative journey?

“The IT team at Creative Dock is rapidly expanding. There are now around 15 open positions,” Marek adds. From Java Developers to DevOps Engineers, the list of positions is quite varied as well. Marek is aware that competition is fierce when it comes to acquiring new talent, but is also confident that Creative Dock has something unique to offer. “After all, this is why I joined the company myself. And for people who work in IT––who love to learn, who always have their finger on the pulse––this can be just the place to have the freedom to work on and lead challenging and innovative projects.” We are excited to welcome some of these “specialized engineers”, who, by the way, were named as one of LinkedIn’s “hot jobs of 2021”, in Creative Dock soon!

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