Updated: Nov 27, 2020

HoppyGo, the peer‑to‑peer car sharing platform, joined forces with Smile Car.

Just under two years ago, our Innovation Team at Creative Dock, spearheaded by Edward Meagan, put their minds together. The goal? To revolutionize the Czech car rental market, create cleaner, less crowded streets, and help people monetize their privately‑owned vehicles.

HoppyGo was built in close cooperation between Creative Dock and ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab from the very beginning. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab picked Creative Dock as the key supplier to build it originally as a Proof of Concept:

Would people be willing to rent their cars to strangers?

Could owners and drivers agree on prices that were fair for both sides?

How often and for what would people use such a service? Daily errands? Weekend getaways? Long‑term rentals?

How do we best manage insurance and inevitable scratches and accidents?

Together with our car owners and drivers, we learned a lot about all of these business questions and tuned the service to really meet customer needs. Now, Creative Dock has fully handed over HoppyGo operations to ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab. The goal for the near future is to further grow the platform and expand the project internationally.


“This joint venture between ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and SmileCar creates one of the largest carsharing providers in the Czech Republic. As HoppyGo remains a brand of the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, ŠKODA AUTO has also become one of the largest providers of peer‑to‑peer carsharing in the Czech Republic. ŠKODA AUTO is thereby taking the next step in its transformation from purely a car manufacturer to a provider of mobility services.”


HoppyGo allows users to rent out their cars for a self‑chosen fee and time frame. On the flipside, people without a car can rent one from their neighbors, saving the administrative hassle and fees imposed by regular car rental companies.

Over 1,000 customers used HoppyGo in the first year and more than 500 were registered on the platform.

The newly formed company aims to serve customers throughout the entire Czech Republic and offer a reliable and trustworthy way to share cars in the community. All rentals are covered by special rental insurance to ensure that the owner’s own insurance is not impacted by rental drivers and all users are verified with their national identification.

The new platform already offers nearly a thousand cars and is growing daily.

If you want to monetize your vehicle or rent private cars with character, head over to HoppyGo now and sign‑up. The app is free of cost and registration only takes minutes.

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