Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Edward Meegan, Creative Dock’s former Head of Innovation

In with the new! Watch an interview with Edward Meegan, Creative Dock’s former Head of Innovation.

by Jan Strmiska

“We have created our own innovation process based on public knowledge and best practice in startup development. It's informed by elements of design thinking and especially the lean startup process, but we have adapted these toolkits to combine them in our own unique way,” says Edward Meegan, a Creative Dock resident par excellence, who has just recently switched from leading the innovation team to work on a brand new product.

Ed also talked to our nosy AI reporter about:

  • What we have learned from working remotely

  • Why empathy is crucial in innovation

  • Which new issues companies face in the pandemic era

  • How we can solve them using, well, innovation

  • What constitutes an "ideal innovator"

  • How does an American wind up in Central Europe, anyway

Watch the whole interview (15 min) as part of our new series, the Startup Show, a.k.a. your all-access pass to Creative Dock’s backstage.

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