Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Almost a year has passed since Sodexo approached Creative Dock with a clear assignment–-to create a benefit card aimed at the widest possible array of interests. ActivePass, the result of this partnership, currently operates in Prague, but also in the Moravian capital of Brno. We asked Lukáš Urbánek, the leader of the project, how is the card, and the project as a whole doing.

ActivePass is hardly the only employee benefit card in Czechia. How is it different from the competition?It’s unique, because it focuses on a broader activity portfolio, the name is indicative. ActivePass doesn’t only aim at sportsy people, but also at those who want to be active in other areas. Free time can be as variable as it gets with ActivePass. You can do yoga on Monday, trampolines on Tuesdays, have a relaxing sauna on Thursday, spend your Friday on a golf field and take your children to the ZOO on the weekend.

Your team started working on the card a year ago. For how long has it been fully usable?About four months. We have also managed to build a portfolio of 500 hundred venues and services in that time. We are quite proud of that achievement, we’re now aiming at having a thousand places for people to visit.

“You don’t have to be a sport freak to use this service. Our goal is to address seasoned lollygaggers and convince them to change the sofa for active relaxation - be it in the pool, or at a museum.”

What is currently keeping you busy?We believe that the future is in digital technologies, and we want to shape ActivePass accordingly. What we have in mind exactly is still a secret. We’ll keep you posted!