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Customer Care


For our project Rentalit & Relodit we are looking for a team member who will take care of our customers.

For a low monthly fee customers would be able to choose from a selected number of top rated laptops with a number of services bundled with it - from insurance to 24hr replacements all with the ease of 1 phone call.

We expanded the opportunity by identifying another lucrative segment - gamers.

Both segments would be assessed by our proprietary risk engine to ensure that all candidates would be viable for the offer.




  • You will in charge of communication with customers/clients, via email and phone
  • You will handle customer's requests, complaints, inform them about the product and be ready to advise them to make the right choice according to their needs
  • You will be a support to the rest of the team - especially project managers and team leaders with various tasks at hand
  • You will be juggling a number of different tasks - be it guiding customers over the phone on completing the ordering process, calling the customer to set up delivery times, updating information on the eshop system, completing contracts with customer details, updating inventory, to preparing shipments to customers.


What are we looking for:


  • Excellent communication and organizational skills. Excellent oral and written skills.
  • Customer oriented approach - over phone, face to face, via email
  • Ability to handle stress - Often customers may be angry, frustrated and simply rude. Need to be able to always sound professional and provide solutions for the client in a calm and results-oriented manner.
  • Open to learning, flexible attitude and willing to help in whatever may be asked of them ( even outside their direct role) .
  • Native Czech/Slovak


Nice to have:


  • A good understanding of gaming computers, technology, and online gaming world
  • Ideally, be a gamer as well


We are looking forward to meeting you!

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