P2P Carsharing

A P2P carsharing platform, which allows drivers to rent a car directly from owners in their local neighbourhood.

  • HoppyGo is a P2P car-sharing platform which proposes to its audience borrowing cars from their neighbours for any occasion.

  • On the other hand car owners can decrease their car ownership costs by lending car to their peers who are scored by the innovative driver scoring system

  • All cars are insured against theft, misuse or damage.

How did we influence society?

.We connect people who need cars, with those who can lend them
  • Helping the environment by lowering the need for owning a car

  • It could be an additional source of income for owners

  • It is safer for owners than renting on their own - all cars on HoppyGo are insured for fraud and accidents

For more information visit www.hoppygo.com