• Starting next year, we are building a brand new performance marketing competence centre. A team that won't just copy the way agencies used to work 20 years ago. A team that will be boosted by technologies and will help us scale our international projects across Europe at the speed of light.

  • The primary focus of your work will be to serve internal projects led from our 10 European branches. A large majority of these are startups in the scaling phase, industry-wise we're talking fintech, insurtech, e-health, and beauty. Even if the range is quite wide, all the projects have a lot in common: the focus on customers, creating value, and making people’s lives better. In other words, you won't be scaling anything s*itty.


  • You will be building your team from scratch. Its structure, distribution of skills, and the choice of location (Europe-wise) will be totally up to you. As the entire Europe will be the target of your work, you don't need to speak Czech, but localization in Prague would be beneficial due to the interaction with other competence centers. 

  • We are searching for an ambitious person with a massive amount of energy, grit, and the will to build a competence center that will stand out in a crowd. We want our projects to shine and to be able to catch the attention of global media like Forbes and Wired.

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